• Concept
    Studio 54 meet the customers’ needs offering customized solutions:
    ideas are turned into products to equip efficient and state-of-art working spaces.


Product categories

Pizza making

All the refrigerating counters, drawers and displays for pizzerias by Studio 54 convey quality, innovation and 100% made in Italy design.


Utmost reliability and energetic efficiency for confectioners, pastry shops and bakeries.

Beer and beverage

The refrigerating equipment for draught beer is designed to enhance the sensory features of the product, for a unique drinking experience.


The whole range of products for bars combine refined appearance and cutting edge technology


The equipment created for supermarkets enhance the displayed products, ensuring practicality, ergonomic and high quality materials.

Food service

The best choice for those who want to fully optimize the spaces of their working environment, without giving up design and state-of-art technology.

Ice-cream shop

The refrigerating counters and cabinets for ice-cream are designed considering low consumption standards, design and practicality.


An exclusive customizing service that offers different solutions to meet the customer’s specific needs.


Studio 54 offers a wide range of products addressed to the large and small scale retail trade: refrigerating cabinets, tables and counters, blast chillers, refrigerating and hot displays, minibar. Starting from the standard products in the price list, Studio 54 offers an extraordinary customizing service to answer every demand.

  • Upright Cabinets

    Upright Cabinets

    Studio 54 upright refrigerators control temperature and relative humidity consistency inside the refrigerating cell, optimizing the durability of the product

  • Counters


    Essential to optimize all the spaces in a kitchen or in a laboratory, the refrigerating counters ensure the utmost efficiency even for the most demanding professional

  • Blast Chiller

    Blast Chiller

    Refined and efficient, the blast chillers improve efficiency and organization for the professionals of the cooking sector.

  • Displays


    All the refrigerated bar displays, counters and refrigerated wall displays convey quality and efficiency: they ensure the utmost convenience combined with a refined design

  • Drop-In Well

    Drop-In Well

    Attention for details and materials, convenient and easy to clean: Studio 54 refrigerating drop-in wells are perfect for every professional in the food service.

  • Concept Line

    Concept Line

    “Concept” is a line of combinable refrigerating tables and neutral stainless steel modules designed to fit all the spaces of the food service sector

Prompt delivery

Studio 54 offers a wide range of products ready for delivery, with high standards in matter of quality, design and appearance and an extremely efficient post-sale service also for the products ready for delivery.

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Entering new markets, a continuous research on innovative and high quality materials, opting for cutting-edge technology. Through these means Studio 54 aims to reach its one and ambitious purpose: the final customer satisfaction. An everyday task, a challenge full of incentives.

Our strengths

The attention to the customer’s needs. Studio 54 adds to the quality of his products a service philosophy that has become over the years a distinctive and valuable feature. The company help the customers in a quick and effective way: it evaluates the project, recommend the most suitable product and adapts it to the specific needs. A very accurate initial analysis makes possible to the customer to obtain the best result in shorter times, and to the company to optimize the resources. A high technical specialization, original solutions, clear and detail technical sheets complete Studio 54 successful profile.

Our field

Studio 54 address its products both to the Mass Market Retailers, represented by HO.RE.CA. sector (Hotelerie, Restaurant, Catering), and to small resellers. The company offers everyone expertise, creativity, professionalism and an outstanding ability to meet specific needs.