Custom refrigerated equipment for professional kitchens

When choosing the right custom refrigerated equipment for professional kitchens in restaurants, bars or catering facilities, it is essential to simplify and organise the work in the kitchen and offer a speedy and impeccable service to customers at all times.

Everything starts with a few fundamental choices, such as where to set up the positive refrigerated area (medium-term preservation) and the negative area (long-term preservation), where to place the vertical cabinet with the greatest storage capacity and the horizontal counter with the top where preparations will be produced.

But it doesn’t finish there: it is also essential to carefully consider how to differentiate the storage areas for different food products and comply with the standards laid down by the HACCP system, plus define all the necessary customisations for the specific type of activity.

With Concept54, our in-house division dedicated to the creation of tailor-made solutions for professional refrigeration, you can design your ideal workstation and put your own design ideas into play.

Concept54: customisation and equipment for professional kitchens

Our highly modular projects stem from your ideas: we study the most functional solutions and the best technology to create the kitchen of your dreams. It all starts with the choice of the equipment which makes up the professional kitchen, the refrigerated and non-refrigerated modules and the refrigerated cabinets which are essential for every workstation. Each one of these elements must then be customised to create unique layouts, adapted to your specific, targeted requirements.

customization of equipment for professional kitchens

As a result, we create the perfect workstation, essential for improving and simplifying the work of the staff preparing the food. Being able to keep all the ingredients at hand, constantly refrigerated, or relocate the modules and equipment as required, are, in fact, essential aspects for producing excellent results and ensuring your customers have perfect service at all times.

Let’s take an in-depth look at all the customisations available for Studio54 counters and refrigerated cabinets.

Oasis refrigerated cabinet: all the custom solutions

The innovative Oasis refrigerated cabinet by Studio54 is the ideal solution for ensuring the best product preservation performance at all times. Thanks to the central control unit, it is possible to regulate the working temperature, whilst maintaining the quality standards of the ingredients and the final product. To ensure the very best performance for all types of business activities, we have developed a number of customisations that make our Oasis refrigerated cabinet even more efficient:

  • Wheel kit to replace support feet: installing wheels in place of the support feet allows you to easily move the refrigerated cabinet anywhere, for example during cleaning.
  • Optional half doors: to customise the internal layout of the fridge, whilst maintaining a single convenient solution.
  • Glass doors with lighting: a must-have solution for constantly monitoring the food preparations, whilst they are preserved.
  • Combo cabinet with dual temperatures: a single cabinet and two different temperatures, for the customised preservation of all types of products.
  • The Oasis 600/1200L cabinet is 700mm deep, the same depth as two Daiquiri counters.
  • Optional built-in or remote motor: choosing a remote motor, which is then placed in another room, results in lower energy consumption and the elimination of the noise and heat emitted by the fridge, which would otherwise increase that produced by the kitchen.

How can the Daiquiri refrigerated counter be customised?

Customised of refrigerated daiquiri table

The Daiquiri refrigerated counter, with its exceptional features, allows you to prepare any type of food preparation in total safety. With a wide range of layout possibilities, it is the ideal solution to meet the needs of both pastry and delicatessen set-ups. Available in various heights, to meet the needs of the staff working in it, and in the more compact SMART version, with a motor area of just 220mm wide.

  • Wheel kit to replace the support feet: to move the refrigerated counter more easily to the most convenient position whenever required, for example when cleaning the kitchen.
  • Refrigerated drawers instead of doors: to keep the ingredients at the right temperature at all times, and keep them to hand during all preparation phases, it is essential to fit the counter with refrigerated drawers.
  • Door lock.
  • Sink bowl above the motor compartment: to maintain the highest level of hygiene during the preparation of recipes.
  • Glass door with internal lighting.
  • Non-refrigerated drawer unit: for storing professional utensils and ingredients that do not require refrigeration.
  • Possibility of choosing whether to have the motor located on the right or left, built-in or remote.
  • Possibility of adding ingredient trays or bottle holders to the refrigerated countertop: to keep ingredients close at hand and at the optimum temperature.
  • In more complex projects, it is possible to easily combine neutral (non-refrigerated) elements with the refrigerated elements.
  • Possibility of placing the counters on a plinth, to make it easier to clean the kitchen.


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