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Customised refrigerated counters and all the custom solutions

What features do refrigerated appliances require to enhance the quality of a kitchen or professional work island? Undoubtedly, the solidity of stainless steel is essential for offering the very best service, in addition to the precision and functionality of the most advanced and innovative technology. But that’s not enough: visual appeal also plays a central role, especially when the workstation is in full view. Concept54 brings together functionality and aesthetics, technology and design to produce customised refrigerated counters and custom solutions, creating tailor-made solutions.

Customised refrigerated counters: we make every project unique

We bring your ideas to life. We create customised cabinets and refrigerated counters, but we can also go one step further and design an entire work area, by studying the best solution for each type of food product, taking into account volumes, the number of staff working there and all the most attractive and well-balanced finishes.

Each of our projects is unique, designed to meet your requirements by our team, who with their extensive experience and professional approach acquired over the years, will support you in choosing every single aesthetic detail. From the ergonomic handle to the refrigerated containers with glass top elements to showcase the product to consumers, the workstation becomes an essential part of the furnishing system, without foregoing the practicality and reliability of the project.

In our almost thirty years of experience, we have worked on numerous solutions for various types of catering: product processing islands for supermarkets, furnished areas for pizza restaurants and pubs, bar counters and everything related to street food, such as bistros for selling food products. We have added value to each of these projects by taking extra care over the aesthetic finishes which add a creative, elegant and sophisticated look to the work island.

All the customisations of Concept54

We always start with a meticulous selection of the best materials for each area when taking care of the visual appeal of our projects:

  • Worktop: from the sophistication and unmistakable appeal of Corian, to the practicality and elegance of brushed steel. When we choose the materials for the worktop, we do not just think about the practical and functional elements, we also consider the visual appeal and style that we want to give to what also becomes a customer serving counter, in certain installations.
  • Side and front part: the setting and décor of the premises are fundamental elements in choosing the most suitable material for covering the refrigerated unit. By using different combinations of laminate, we can create numerous styles for a truly statement workstation.
  • Mini counter: even the mini counter, used for displaying dry products, which do not need refrigerating, can be customised with different types of Corian and matched to the worktop.

But there is more: creativity is given a free rein with the door and drawer finishes, adding a touch of colour to make each refrigerated counter unique. Based on the choice of the RAL colour chart, we can create any style, in line with the surrounding furnishings.

An in-depth study and expert lighting can also make a significant difference, giving the compositions and preparations the right degree of warmth to showcase them at their best. The lights, chosen together with the glass structures or to illuminate certain areas of the workstation, can create an eye-catching effect to combine with general lighting.

Lastly, when choosing the materials for the composition, we also pay particular attention to the safety and hygiene of the premises. The plinth, on which the counter rests to facilitate cleaning and avoid the build-up of unhygienic dirt, can feature an elegant brushed steel finish, renowned not only for its visual appeal, but also for its low maintenance.

A new concept of refrigeration, which combines visual appeal and functionality, to produce customised and one-of-a-kind refrigerated counters, with an Italian design, produced with certified materials and cutting-edge technology.


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