Professional kitchen maintenance: how to clean your refrigerated equipment

Nothing should be left to chance when dealing with the hygiene of professional kitchens and the upkeep of refrigerated equipment. The maintenance and cleaning of refrigerated equipment is an absolutely essential operation; routine tasks can also be carried out by non-specialised personnel provided that all the instructions in the manuals supplied are scrupulously and accurately observed.

It is important to perform both routine and unscheduled cleaning operations to guarantee the best quality and perfect hygiene of the food products being processed, as well as maintain the refrigerated equipment in correct working order. This will allow us to ensure that the cold chain remains unchanged and prevent any damage.

What rules do we have to follow, therefore, to maintain professional kitchens and Studio5 equipment in particular?

How to maintain the refrigerated equipment in your professional kitchen

Let’s take an in-depth look at the essential steps for cleaning and maintaining Studio54 refrigerated equipment.

Before starting any task, it is very important for you own safety to disconnect the electrical power supply to the equipment.

For standard and periodic washing of the inside of the refrigerated chamber, which should be carried out every six months, it is important to only use soap and mild detergents, without water jets, abrasive materials or aggressive solvents which could irreparably damage the material. After thorough cleaning, it is important to carefully dry it with a soft cloth or delicate sponge.

After cleaning the condensator, one of the most important elements of a refrigerated device, it is essential to maintain perfect air circulation and thus, prolong the life cycle of the refrigerated counters and cabinets. This is, however, a complex operation which should not be underestimated. It must be carried out by an authorised technician only after making sure that the power plug has been disconnected.

It is important to do the cleaning with just a soft sponge and water and without using aggressive or corrosive products to avoid damaging the gaskets which prevent the cold from being dispersed and maintain the perfect internal temperature. Lastly, the products inside the chamber must be laid out in line with the grilles without going outside the perimeter. This ensures the best air flow, which is essential for preserving the organoleptic properties of all the food preserved inside the chamber.

Profidesign: Studio54’s premium range

Profidesign is the innovative premium range of Studio54’s sturdy and hard-wearing refrigerated counters, which are also ideal for simplifying maintenance work and the routine cleaning of professional kitchens.

Premium refrigerated counters for catering: a range of highly innovative stainless steel refrigerated counters for catering, designed for built-in installation or for resting on a steel or masonry plinth, which make them particularly suitable for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. The optimised air distribution of these counters ensures a constant, uniform temperature inside the chamber, while the stainless steel, corrosion-resistant evaporator ensures an exceptional performance and excellent durability. The drawers are extra-strong and can hold up to 100 kg.

Refrigerated boxes for waste: a range of refrigerated boxes which allow kitchen waste to be preserved, thus significantly reducing the organic breakdown process and unpleasant odours. A high-quality and long-lasting product.

What makes these refrigerated boxes even more exceptional is the extreme simplicity with which they can be cleaned, thanks to the structure with a stainless steel evaporator positioned on the rear wall and the absence of electrical components and fans.


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