Refrigerated professional patisserie equipment: which ones to choose?

A traditional art that has its roots in antiquity, a symbol of Italian culinary tradition and beyond. We are focusing here on professional patisserie production, an extraordinary world that has continued to innovate over the decades, in a never-ending search for solutions to simplify the processing and storage of raw materials. This requirement is to be found in all areas of the catering industry, which needs extra special care and caution. Especially so, beginning with the choice of refrigerated equipment for professional patisseries, which is essential in food storage, preparation and blast chilling under conditions of full safety.

How do you choose refrigerated equipment for a professional patisserie?

A careful choice of refrigerated solutions is key to optimal food preparation for confectionery, patisserie and bakery kitchens.

Why choose refrigerated equipment specifically designed for the patisserie world? Because it differs from that which is designed more generally for the type of interior set-up catering. The confectionery industry uses EURONORM standard 600x400mm trays and grilles that rest on L-shaped rails, which are more suitable for supporting patisserie baking trays.

Moreover, an analysis of targeted technologies and functionality allows for an effective response to the storage and blast chilling requirements for confectionery and baked items. One of the most important aspects of refrigeration in a patisserie kitchen is ventilation, which must be regulated to prevent humidity-related issues from arising. This is a fundamental prerequisite that the equipment must include to provide optimum levels of performance.

As always, the best choice for the material is stainless steel, which not only provides unrivalled strength, but is also the ideal solution for hygienically safe refrigeration. Practicality, versatility and ease of use round out the essential features for the ideal refrigerated cabinet, which will allow cakes and patisserie items to be produced more easily and rapidly.

Studio54 refrigerated patisserie equipment

A wide range of refrigerated modules for the creative art of patisserie production, carefully designed to provide optimum performance. Discover the complete range of Studio54’s innovative refrigerated solutions for patisserie, bakery and kitchens:

  • Oasis professional refrigerator for patisseries: the technology included in the Oasis cabinet provides each patisserie kitchen with a machine that has been specifically designed to guarantee the best performance for patisserie item storage. From operating temperature management, to the control unit for ventilation control in cold room interiors, to the 600×800 cabinet model for high capacities. Even in ice cream parlour set-ups, with hot gas defrosting and ventilation control for the storage of such a delicate item such as ice-cream. The interior set-up features perforated shelves for flawless air circulation. The optimum solution in maintaining product quality standards, even during storage.
  • Refrigerated patisserie counter: manufactured in stainless steel, featuring an elegant design and attention to each single technological and technical detail, from dedicated temperature management to ventilation control for relative humidity regulation in the cold room interior. Equipment par excellence – an indispensable ally in the art of patisserie and bakery item production.
  • Alexander Touch patisserie blast chiller: a professional blast chiller allows hot preparations to be chilled and baking to be halted at just the right time, rapidly bringing the ingredients to storage temperatures for both refrigerator and freezer. This is all down to a number of new features, such as intensity control by both time and temperature, and a series of special, customisable cycles (controlled rapid thawing, defrosting, hardening of ice cream, proofing, low-temperature slow cooking and a pre-cooling feature). A perfect tool for the simple, effective management of tasks in a patisserie, indispensable for ice cream, which must be transferred immediately to the blast chiller after a mantecatura, or churning, to bring it to the right temperature.




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