Trademark policy

Trademark Use and Image Exploitation Policy

The purpose of this Circular for Studio 54 s.r.l. (hereinafter only “Studio 54”) is to regulate the use of its registered Trademark and the exploitation of the Images and Rendering relating to its Products by distributors and wholesalers with whom it has commercial relationships (hereinafter only “Clients”).
The Clients acknowledge Studio’s exclusive right to the Trademark as well as the Images and Rendering of its Products.
The Clients are authorised by Studio 54 to display the Trademark, Images and Rendering of the Products and any other symbols or logos on their own pages, websites and catalogues, for the sole purpose of identifying and advertising the Products.
This authorisation does not imply the purchase by the Clients of any industrial or intellectual property rights to the Trademark, Images or Rendering.
The authorisation will continue as long as there is a commercial relationship between Studio 54 and the Client.
Studio 54 reserves the right to revoke the authorisation if the Client takes actions that are incompatible with the continuation of the authorisation.
On the termination of the commercial relationship or otherwise on the termination of the authorisation, the Clients undertake to cease all use of the Trademark, Images and Rendering of Studio 54 Products and, similarly, to remove from the Internet and catalogues all references to the Trademark and all Images relating to the Products and to destroy all catalogues bearing the Trademark.
The Clients also undertake not to deposit and/or register, directly or through third parties, the Studio 54 Trademark, to deposit and/or register similar trademarks or to integrate it in their own business or company name.
If the Clients become aware of any breach of the use of the Trademark, Images and Rendering, or any act of unfair competition in relation to the Trademark and/or Products, they will notify Studio 54 as soon as possible.
In the event of a breach of the rules of this Policy on the use of the Trademark and on the exploitation of the Images and the Rendering of the Products, Studio 54 will be free to bring its case before the competent authorities



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