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“Made in Italy” design and technology

For over 20 years Studio 54 designs and produces customized solutions in the professional refrigeration field, offering a wide range of products conceived and realized to guarantee the highest efficiency and reliability.

Studio 54 uses a specialized high qualified working team to develop its know-how and successfully enter international markets. Due to a continuous research and a remarkable focus towards innovation, the staff is able to meets specific needs, translating the customer’s demand in innovative projects.

Cutting-edge technologies, state of art software and high quality materials are the company’s main features, which identifies itself also for qualitymodern design and technology typical of made in Italy.


The cooling technology

Working in the Horeca sector, Studio 54 offers a wide range of products aimed to specifically match customers’ demand..

Refrigerating prep counters, refrigerated cabinets, blast chillers, upright freezers, refrigerated displays, but also minibar and hot display cases: Studio 54 refrigerating products match every requirement in organizing working surfaces, food preserving or displaying areas for every scale of retail trade.

Besides the standard products in the price list, appreciated in the international market for the quality of the materials and for the peculiar made in Italy design, Studio 54 is able to realize customized products that, starting from a standard, match every kind of customer’s needs.

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Customer care

Customer as the focus of attention

The focus of Studio 54 attention is customers’ satisfaction. Maintaining the contact with the final customers allowed the company to become a leader in professional refrigeration not only for the high quality standards and customization, but also for the pre and post-sale service provided to its customers.

Through a wide network of technicians, Studio 54 provides the best solutions in the cooling technology and it guarantees customer assistance and a safe purchase.The continuous dialogue with the customer allowed the company to become one of the most important manufacturers in the professional refrigeration field, exporting all over the world the quality and the value of “Made in Italy”.


Attention to materials respecting the environment

Premium quality products, valuable details, accurate tests, excellent performances: the whole range of products stands out also for the aesthetic quality given by constant research. All this features together makes Studio 54 refrigerating products innovative for technology and design.

Matching quality and Italian design, Studio 54 focuses also in being green. The company uses state of art ecological refrigerants, with low environmental impact. It also guarantees the correct disposal of the materials (according to the RAEE regulation), proving itself as a leader in the cooling sector.

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